Busy Day at the State Fair Today – Complete with 10-Minute Plays!

Special thanks to Lakeshore Players Theatre for performing 10-Minute Plays today on our Front Porch! It's a busy day here at the fair and at Wiser Living. Hope you can join us!

TPT’s Next Avenue & Wilder at Wiser Living Today!

It's Senior Day here at the Minnesota State Fair, and our Front Porch will be busy with Twin Cities Public Television personalities and Wilder staff talking about what it means to be a caregiver. Are YOU a Caregiver? Stop by the 4-H building and Wiser Living Today!

Bloom at the MN State Fair!

Check out all the great new technology for aging in place! BeBloomin is one of the companies showcasing their smart solutions for aging well – check us out – on the front of the 4-H Building!

What is BeBloomin?

The Solution for Thriving in Place!

BeBloomin brings to the home and mobile devices an integrated set of personal, community and health services and technologies to continuously enhance the quality of life of seniors, aging baby boomers, and family caregivers. BeBloomin provides a wide range of easy-to-use computer-assisted capabilities for individuals and families to stay active in their communities, supportively connected with each other and with the organizations on which they rely.

TPT’s Next Avenue and Knute Nelson & GrandCare rock the Front Porch Stage!

So exciting to have Twin Cities Public Television's Next Avenue with us on Opening Day! Next Avenue is an innovative website to help all of us 50+ to live our best lives possible. And today, Knute Nelson partnered with Grand Care to lead a day of demonstrations and discussions on new opportunities for living independently at home made possible through advances in technology. What fun will tomorrow bring? 

Welcome to our 2014 Wiser Living Exhibitors!

The Wiser Living 2014 Exhibit has expanded! Come check out our NEW Idea House & Main Street concepts, showcasing over 28 companies that help seniors and their caregivers meet the challenges of aging, with greater ease, comfort and independence!


IDEA HOUSE (great ideas for adapting your home for ease)

THE NEW MAIN STREET (featuring the “new” services & products we need as we age) 

THE FRONT PORCH (0ur special stage designed to help you grow wiser through engaging presentations)

Wiser Living Exhibit Info Session at Mill City ICC 4/24



Join us on April 24 from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to learn more about the Wiser Living Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, and how you can use this venue to reach your customers in a fun, innovative and cost-effective way! Representatives from Older But Wiser Living and the Minnesota State Fair will be on-hand at the premiere Mill City Innovation and Collaboration Center to answer your questions about this great opportunity to showcase your product or service solution to older adults, caregivers, and other professionals in the aging industry. Click HERE for more information or to register.

Be part of the 2014 Wiser Living Exhibit

Be Part of Wiser Living at the Minnesota State Fair!


Wiser Living – 2014 Flyer

Wiser Living – 2014 Exhibit Concept Mock-Up

Wiser Living – April 24 Mill City ICC Event Flyer

WHO is Wiser Living?

Wiser Living is an award-winning exhibit presented by the Minnesota State Fair, in partnership with Aging Services of Minnesota and Older But Wiser Living. Together, we invite agencies and businesses to partner with us to showcase smart solutions for serving the growing needs of older adults and caregivers.

WHAT is Wiser Living?

Wiser Living is designed to help consumers, caregivers and the general public become “wiser” about the many products and services available in our communities to maximize independence and choice as we age. The exhibit also features a “Front Porch Stage” with daily speakers, demonstrations, entertainment and more to attract fairgoers and provide additional opportunities for public education. The Minnesota State Fair is a very effective way to reach thousands of potential customers in a short period of time, offering creative ideas and helpful resources to support our common journey of growing older and caring for others.

WHERE is Wiser Living?

Wiser Living is located on the outside of the 4-H Building on the fairgrounds. The exhibit will double in size for 2014! We also have an active website that accompanies the exhibit year-round (updated by July 1 for 2014 fair season.)

WHEN is Wiser Living?

Wiser Living at the Minnesota State Fair will take place August 21 – September 1 in 2014. The exhibit is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m each day.

WHY Wiser Living?

The “Baby Boom generation” has hit its peak.  More than ever, “boomers” feel the pinch of both aging themselves along with caring for aging parents. People age 65 and older will double in Minnesota over the next 15 years (660,000 today to 1.3 million by 2025). More people will want and need to “age in place,” often with chronic health conditions, and will benefit from getting wiser about solutions they can use to age well and more easily care for others at home.

Join us in 2014 and showcase YOUR great services and products to nearly 1.8 million fairgoers!

Let us know of your interest here. Additional information and registration materials will be emailed to you.   Have additional questions? Call or email Michelle Witte at 651-402-3184 or mswitte@olderbutwiserliving.com.

Aging Services of Minnesota

With this post, between facebook and the website I have now mentioned all of our exhibit partners in the Wiser Living Exhibit, and I will keep listing folks until everyone is both places.

Aging Services of Minnesota deserves special mention, because not only did they support the exhibit financially and during the fair, but they partnered with Older but Wiser Living, and the Minnesota State Fair, to produce the Wiser Living Exhibit.  They have been with us at the table since sometime in December of last year.  We are particularly grateful to Lori Meyer who was with us at meeting after meeting, for Jenny Prosser who designed our beautiful Wiser Living logo, and to Gayle Kvenvold, the President and CEO of Aging Services of Minnesota.

Novo Nordisk

NovoNordiskAnother one of our exhibit partners making the Wiser Living Exhibit possible, is Novo Nordisk.  Makers of the flex pen, they have brought in a variety of diabetes educators with a wealth of resources to the MN State Fair.  They have been popular speakers on the front porch, explaining how different foods and blood sugar interact.  Stop by and look at the schedule so you can be sure to catch their talks for yourselves or a loved one.  They have carb counting books, portion plate flyers, and a variety of other handouts.