Cell Phone For Seniors

Jitterbug Plus SilverThe Jitterbug Phone is the perfect cell phone for seniors, and great for holiday gift-giving.  If you are seeking a simple, easy-to-use, phone with basic features, look no further. The Jitterbug phone has large buttons to make it easy to dial.  There is a screen with large text and good contrast, to easily see the numbers you are typing.  Call quality and coverage are excellent.  When closed the time, date, and day of the week are displayed in bold on the front.

There are a variety of health and wellness applications available for the Jitterbug.  The most popular is probably 5star Urgent Response. 5Star provides a much cheaper alternative to comparable response systems.  It provides 24 access to response agents, who can help you if you are lost, feeling unsafe, or having a medical emergency.  The response agents can quickly use GPS technologies to track your location, and provide the assistance you need.  All response agents are located in the U.S. and trained in CPR and emergency dispatch.

The phone sells for $99, and monthly plans begin at $14.99 for 50 minutes per month.  There are no contracts, and therefore no early termination fees.  Text messaging, automatic photo sharing, 5star urgent response, and other features are available for an additional fee.  You pay only for what you want and need.

There is a very basic camera with no flash or editing features, and you can easily upload your photos to Facebook, Picasa, or Shutterfly, for an additional fee.