Gardening for Seniors

Gardener's Supply Elevated BedGardener’s Supply is one of my favorite garden supply companies.  I’m a master gardener volunteer and admittedly a bit of a garden tool geek.  I love Gardener’s vegetable plant supports, and I am totally addicted to their self-watering pots which allow me to be a lazy summer gardener or to take a vacation and not worry about watering.  They also just happen to have some great supplies for adaptive gardening or gardening for seniors.

They now carry so many styles of elevated garden beds, I’m not sure how one would begin to choose.  They are both beautiful, as well as easy to tend without having to bend over.  A couple are large enough to be used for significant vegetable gardens or large perennial beds.  The elevated raised cedar bed (affiliate link), which gets rave reviews, is out-of-stock as I type, but expected back in stock by mid-June.  The elevated cedar garden (affiliate link), is similar.  There are also a couple sizes of VegTrugs (affiliate link), that would be great both for standing while gardening, or simply to garden on your patio or deck.

GSTractorScootAnother very cool tool for adaptive gardening is the deluxe tractor scoot (affiliate link).  In previous years, I don’t remember it being capable of carrying a trug, but perhaps my memory fails.  But the opportunity to pull your trug along with a handle and wheels, and have a great spot to sit while gardening, allows many people to garden, who otherwise might not be able to.

GSGardenKneelerLast one I will mention for today is the garden kneeler (affiliate link).  Gardener kneelers are very flexible in how they can be used.  Flipped one way, they provide a seat, and you can even attach a little pouch (affiliate link) for gardening tools.  Flipped the other direction, you can kneel on them very close to the ground for easy weeding, and the design of the long legs provides great handles which allow you to use your arm strength to lower yourself to the ground, and to push yourself back up to standing.  This is precisely what makes them a great tool to use INSIDE your house as well.  Having a few kneelers tucked around your house can help you get up off the ground if you fall, or if you simply have reason to be working on the floor, perhaps with grandchildren.

I have a few more great tools to feature another day, to help your gardening season be comfortable and productive!  Not sure whether we will have any of these featured in the Wiser Living Exhibit.  Hope so, but if not, perhaps in a coming year.

At present Gardener’s Supply has a promotion running. Shop More Save More (10% off $50/15% off $75 and 20% off $100) at Gardener’s Supply Company! Offer ends 7/1/13.  (affiliate link)


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