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TPT’s Next Avenue & Wilder at Wiser Living Today!

It's Senior Day here at the Minnesota State Fair, and our Front Porch will be busy with Twin Cities Public Television personalities and Wilder staff talking about what it means to be a caregiver. Are YOU a Caregiver? Stop by the 4-H building and Wiser Living Today!

Bloom at the MN State Fair!

Check out all the great new technology for aging in place! BeBloomin is one of the companies showcasing their smart solutions for aging well – check us out – on the front of the 4-H Building! What is BeBloomin? Click HERE to see how BeBloomin can benefit your organization The Solution for Thriving in Place!… Read more »

Be part of the 2014 Wiser Living Exhibit

Be Part of Wiser Living at the Minnesota State Fair! DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS HERE: Wiser Living – 2014 Flyer Wiser Living – 2014 Exhibit Concept Mock-Up Wiser Living – April 24 Mill City ICC Event Flyer WHO is Wiser Living? Wiser Living is an award-winning exhibit presented by the Minnesota State Fair, in partnership with Aging… Read more »

Aging Services of Minnesota

With this post, between facebook and the website I have now mentioned all of our exhibit partners in the Wiser Living Exhibit, and I will keep listing folks until everyone is both places. Aging Services of Minnesota deserves special mention, because not only did they support the exhibit financially and during the fair, but they… Read more »

Novo Nordisk

Another one of our exhibit partners making the Wiser Living Exhibit possible, is Novo Nordisk.  Makers of the flex pen, they have brought in a variety of diabetes educators with a wealth of resources to the MN State Fair.  They have been popular speakers on the front porch, explaining how different foods and blood sugar… Read more »

Kare 11 Aging Suits Broadcast

We were so excited to have Kare 11 cover the aging suits and many thanks to Gayle Kvenvold, from Aging Services of MN, for plugging the exhibit during this coverage. I apologize that this is a flash player, to any of you on an iphone or ipad.  But this is what is currently provided by… Read more »

Sleep Number

So another one of our vendors supporting the exhibit is Sleep Number. They are demoing what I call the infinitely adjustable bed.  I tried it the other day, and made my husband do the same.  It’s amazingly comfortable.  And beyond us each having different sleep numbers, this bed also can raise the head of the… Read more »